Dear Wee

Hi Thanks for checking in. We’re excited with our new launch.  Years ago there was a popular advice column, “Dear Abby”.
We’re launching a Change Your Life suggestion column. We’ve named it “Dear Wee”.
It’s a fun thing for us and we hope an enlightening column for our readers.
Here’s how it works, you write to Dear Wee saying: I am troubled by . . . Or, I don’t know what to do about . . . or what do you think about . . . or whatever. Please limit to 200 words.
Wee will return a personal message giving suggestions, views and thoughts on how you might handle whatever is troubling you.
Be advised- this is not counseling or therapy – You receive suggestions for your consideration. Use them or not your choice.
Wee holds degrees in counseling and education. She is also a licensed real Estate broker and a Flat Fee MLS franchise creator; so her expertise in sales training E courses is without question. Check out her Bio, testimonials and offers.
Wee has experienced both alcohol and tobacco addiction. So the column will not be puff. It’s based on real life recovery, education, training and life experiences.
You’ll see she is more than qualified to offer suggestions, ideas, thoughts and views about how to change your life or at least some aspects of it.
Anyway, we hope you’ll want to take part. You might just get a suggestion you hadn’t considered which will open a door to changing some facet of your life.
Just send your Dear Wee question to Put “Dear Wee” in the subject line.

Your submission automatically authorizes us to use the question and answer on our blog. Published or not, you will receive a personal response from Wee.
If you’d prefer to remain anonymous and not have your question published to the Dear Wee blog, use “I have a question.” in the subject line.

You’ll receive an answer but your question will not post on our blog. Thanks
While you’re here, why not take the Self help quiz?
That’s all for now folks.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t living”

Gail Sheehy