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How to Change Your Life

Blueprint for Living E book: “You really owe it to yourself to grab a copy of this life changing E book. I had my doubts when I bought it; however I recommend it without any reservations. Is my life better since putting the steps to work ? Absolutely!” Margaret Z                                                                                                                                                          Self Help Trilogy: Hey Wee, Your best yet. I really feel connected to my inner self in a way I’ve never experienced before. Jane
How to Stay in The “I” of the Storm: I hit a real snag with my wife today; I almost lost it and then I remembered all I have to do is stay centered and calm. It’s calming down here at home and I didn’t have to have a tantrum. Wayne A
How to March to Your Own Drum: Looking forward to my morning “I” time. My time varies; but most days I get in at least 15 minutes of centering and the rest of the world just whirls on by. Thanks B.J.                                                 Self Help Trilogy: I like this. It is practical, simple and understandable. It clarified for me the three parts of our mind and how they work with the spiritual part of me. Glenn                                                                                                                                                         Sales Training E course: I can’t believe the energy I had this morning. I woke up excited, couldn’t wait to start my day. Mary J
Change Your Thinking Change Your Life: I keep waiting for the gloom and doom to return. I know that’s wrong but I’ve lived so long in despair and now I am happy. Thank you and thank you again. Peter T

es Training E courses: I just dropped ten years. I feel younger, I’ve got more energy and I have two appointments today; they are both referrals! Joyce P
Sales Training E courses: You know I took the training tongue in cheek. Well no more, I am in love with the written goal plan you set forth. My life is humming. Roxanne J
Change Your Thinking Change Your Life: My wife wants to go away for the weekend. Things are definetly looking up in every area of my life. George P
Sales Training E courses:  Let me tell you, I was really skeptical; now I am a believer. Thank God I took the seminar. Margaret Z
Goal Setting No B.S. This is one super manual. I sleep with it. (just kidding) I do read and do the exercises daily.Ray Change Your Thinking I could believe how quickly my life started working. Thank you. Alice G
Sales Training E courses: I got three listing appointments the first week I put the written goals to work. I am so energized. Tom
Sales Training E courses :Just threw away the last scrap of paper. What a feeling. Thanks again for the training and your ongoing support. Bonnie A                                                                                                                                                       How to Sell Real Estate by Owner: We decided to offer a broker coop through MLS.
We sold in three days, paid the buyer agent 3% and still saved about $6,000 dollars by selling by owner.
Thanks for the suggestion. We didn’t know you could do that. Allison                                                                                       How to Sell Real Estate by Owner: You’ve been so supportive. Thank you for your E book and answering all of our email questions. We recommend the E book to everyone. Thanks David                                                                               How to Awaken Your Creative Genie: I’m one of those who thought I wasn’t creative; and I’m still a little shaky on my new legs. But I am doing some art projects and feeling good about them. Joyce P
How to Awaken Your Creative Genie: This is great. I only have one criticism, why is the Genie a she? I am kidding. Great book. Gene N
How to Awaken Your Creative Genie: I don’t know that my painting has improved, but my attitude surely has.
I am more accepting of myself and my art. Sarah A
How to Awaken Your Creative Genie: I went to the art store and bought clay. My next step is to tackle a sculpture. Thanks for giving me the courage to try. Art V
How to Awaken Your Creative Genie: I’ve finally written an article and sent it off to a Ezine publication. Don’t know when I’ve felt so good about myself. Thanks. Bev W
Do you have another book written yet? Doug W

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