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I wanted to post this bio so you could know me better.

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Here’s the incredible story of how Wee Dilts came to write these dynamite
E courses and Self Help E books.
You may be wondering what qualifies the author to teach you Self Help, Sales Training, and Life Changing Secrets.
Let me share a few of her life experiences and you’ll quickly see how she qualifies as an expert.

Wee Dilts is a native of Colorado. Growing up in a small town, she earned college money waiting tables and barrel racing in local rodeos.
She graduated high school at sixteen and went to college on a full scholarship.
She holds advanced degrees in education, psychology and guidance counseling.
Her life has been dedicated to helping others.

Wee begin her working years as a physical education teacher. She immediately saw the need for a special “Opportunity P.E.” class for potential drop out students. She created such a class and her pilot program is still the model for opportunity classes.

In her quest for learning, she moved on to earn degrees in counseling and psychology. Then she spent the next several years counseling and teaching psychology.
Once again she saw a need. And this time she developed a four course curriculum for at risk students. With hand picked staff and students, many potential dropout students took her Opportunity Classes and most of them graduated.
Without her program, they might have slipped through the cracks.

Wee met her own life crisis with alcohol abuse. Simultaneously with finding her sobriety she began the study of New Age Metaphysical teachings.
Once again, her urge to know more, caused her to leave education; she switched careers to Real Estate and immediately became a top producer for a large company in San Diego County.
She saw a need for a Flat Fee Multiple Listing program which would help For Sale by Owners save money. She created the original Flat Fee Real Estate program and Franchises; as a result of that, she wrote the T A G Sales Training manuals for owners and their agents. These manuals are the basis for the T A G Sales Training E courses now being offered http://weesebookstore.com and http://changeyourlifeecourses.com.

You can readily see she has the life experiences, the education and the training to be called an expert. She is eminently qualified to put forward expert advice and to offer you an opportunity to Change Your Life with     T A G Sales Training E courses and Self Help E books and E courses.

She’s a life time student of the metaphysical and spiritual life. Her writings offer outstanding personal guidance for living life.

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